After Round Five, as I stared down my white blood count (and lost in spectacular style — nothing like a weekend in the hospital to prove me wrong), I noticed that my platelet count started dropping.  New side effect!  YAY!  Apparently this is “normal” and “fine” and if it gets too drastic, I get a platelet transfusion.  Charming.

I am usually (and so should you) be above 140 in this particular category, which is where I was on the Monday after chemo.

“Ugh, WBC is down to 1.14”
“Yup, Dr. Stein wants me to remind you to go home and stay there.”
“Yes, ma’am” (the nurses are very nice, but can be scary if necessary.)
Scanning the sheet…”Wait, what’s this about my platelet count?  It’s down to 100.”
“Yeah, it does that usually by the time you’ve had as much chemo as you’ve had.  Don’t worry about it until it gets below 30, but in the meantime, be careful chopping up dinner.”

Thursday: 77
Friday: 73 (started getting nose bleeds)
Saturday: 70

Monday: 139
“Hey, my platelet count rebounded!”
“I noticed that!”
“Did Neupogen do that?”
“Did all of the antibiotics that I had in the hospital do that?”
“You mean I did this all by myself?”
“Yes!  All by yourself!”
“Seriously?  All by myself?”

She smiled, handed me a box of tissues, and moved on to the next patient.


Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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