In the wake of my snowboarding revelations, I’ve been thinking a lot about the empty spaces in my body. I do as much as I can to control what goes into my body by eating good food, drinking plenty of clean water, and trying to avoid pollution when I breath. But, the way that our society is so interconnected with food and water and air, completely controlling what goes into me is impossible. But I do try.

The empty spaces, though, I have more control over those. My thoughts, my dreams, my hopes and fears and wishes. I can fill them with hope and light and happiness or with dread and darkness. It’s my choice.

The hard part is making that choice a beneficial one every time it arises. Unlike with snowboarding, I don’t have a board strapped to my feet all the time that chatters away when I get all uptight and not breathing. So learning to recognize when I’m feeding my empty spaces negative takes, to quote Mad-Eye Moody, constant vigilance.

Which is legitimately hard.

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