Hi all. I’ve been updating my website with new speaking and consulting pages, and because I’m a Type-A crazy person, refused to post to my blog until that had happened. Sometimes I really do wonder at myself.

So all of my half-baked ideas and blog posts will be coming out in the next few weeks/months, but in the meantime, I felt a post that didn’t acknowledge that we are in the strangest moment of at least my lifetime would be out of place.

But I ended up writing a thoroughly anxiety-ridden brain dump of panic and disrupted plans and worry that I’m going to get sick and my 4.5 WBC (4.5! First time in 8 years!) won’t be able to handle it. Even while I was writing it I realized that it wasn’t particularly useful for me or you, so you’re just going to get this:

I wish all of you health, quiet, and calm during this incredibly uncertain and frightening time. Take care of your bodies with lots of water, nourishing food, and gentle exercise, take care of your minds with interesting books and projects, and take care of your emotions and spirit with meditation and long phone conversations with dear friends. Do what you need to do, and do it with the thought that you or anyone you interact with could be sick and could die from this horrible virus, so treat all of us (including yourself) like your best friend who is immunocompromised or your favorite grandmother. And hopefully, we’ll get through this. Together.

Love you.

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