I took December and most of January off of this blog because I broke my wrist while snowboarding and, for a long time, couldn’t type more than a sentence with my left hand. And, my brain moves faster than my fingers, so writing a blog post using just my right hand on either my computer or my phone was annoying.

Also, pain killers. I’ve never been a huge fan of things that make me feel different, and heavy duty pain killers are on that list. My brains gets all scrambled — I have a hard time matching thought to problem solving ability to exposition of thought to “oh wait…what did I just say?” Generally, it’s a mess. So I try not to be on pain killers, but this wrist thing…whoooo boy. First it was excruciating because the bone was in the wrong place. Then it was excruciating because surgery straight up HURTS. Then it was excruciating because my left arm and shoulder were all out of whack and I couldn’t sleep. So, it was a thing. (Thank GOD for my osteopath.)

But, here I am, six weeks after surgery pulled the seven shards of my left radius back into one, typing. I’m out of my brace most of the time (I only wear it when I’m concerned that I’ll be jostled or need to make a quick movement — so, basically, walking outside of my house), and my wrist is sore and weak and tight and needs a lot of therapy, but at least the bone is healing nicely and I have another scar that fascinates my curious niece.

I’m allowed to go back to yoga once I can make a 90-degree angle with my wrist, I’m allowed to sit on a bicycle (with my brace on) and pedal furiously as long as I put no pressure on my wrist. Snowboarding season may be salvaged in late March but only with impact wrist braces made for that purpose. Legally, I haven’t been able to drive because if I drive with a “disability” like my left wrist in a brace and get into an accident, I’m automatically at fault. Even if someone rear-ends me. So, life has been different.

But I’m back. Apologies (again) for the disappearing act.

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