#NotCute: The Difference Between Change and Transformation

(Corporate/Mixed Audience)

Recognizing how our perspective and behavior affects our lives, those around us, and our larger environment and culture is fundamental to productive lives and healthy organizations. I am a compelling combination of traditional success, non-traditional experience, resilience, and honest optimism, and I use my powerful personal story to weave a larger message about how our own choices can both shatter our lives and transform them for the better. Audiences are learning to push past surface-level changes to tap into their personal transformative powers of vulnerability, honesty, forgiveness, and courage as they face their lives exactly as they are.

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Wait, It Gets Worse: Inspiring the Control Freak in All of Us

(Corporate/Mixed Audience)

My book, Wait, It Gets Worse, Love, Death, and My Transformation from Control Freak to Human Being, is captivating audiences with its honest portrayal of how I let a series of personal disasters, including a cancer diagnosis, transform my attitude toward the world and my life. With the same irreverent kindness and humor that guides the book, I will do readings and a Q&A inviting your community into a powerful conversation about health and transformation. Audiences enjoy my honest vulnerability, appreciate the power of imperfect stories, and learn how to find their own moments of transformation inside the natural upheaval and change that life provides.

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Podcast: An Evening at BookPeople with Alexis Jones
Check out this conversation on my book and transformation between me and the brilliant Alexis Jones.


Live Radio: Extension 720 with Justin Kaufman
Justin and I talk about the stories behind WAIT, IT GETS WORSE: the toxicity of stress, how moments of crisis bring balance, and how I approached the possibility of dying.

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